A la carte

To start


Soup of the day £5.50
Served with warm crusty bread

White bait £6.00
Served with garlic mayonnaise

(V) Creamy garlic and Stilton mushrooms £6.00
Toasted ciabatta and salad garnish

(V) (VG) Vegetable potato fritters £6.00
Served with hummus

Main course


Homemade steak and ale pie £12.00
Served with new potatoes, mashed potato or chips and vegetables

Lasagne al forno £11.00
Served with garlic bread and dressed leaf

Ham, egg, chips and peas £10.00
Breaded wholetail scampi £12.00

Served with chips, peas and tartare sauce

Battered fish and chips £12.00
Served with peas and tartare sauce
10oz rump steak* £15.00

Served with chips, roasted field mushroom, roasted vine tomatoes and onion rings
Salmon in butter and dill sauce £14.00

Served with new potatoes, chanterelle carrots and green beans

Barbecue ribs £14.50
Full rack of ribs served with skinny fries, coleslaw and onion rings

The New York burger £12.00
Burger with bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce, red onion, relish and skinny fries

(v) (VG) Mixed bean chilli £11.00
Served with rice and tortilla chips

(V) (VG) Jerk spiced jackfruit burger £11.00                                                     

* Add A Sauce: Peppercorn, mushroom or Stilton cheese for an extra £2.50



Chicken and crispy bacon £11.00
Served with lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, onion, potato salad and coleslaw
Ham £9.50

Served with lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, onion, potato salad and coleslaw
(V) Greek £10.00

Cucumber, red onion, sun blushed tomatoes, olives, feta and lettuce with tomato oil

Cheese ploughmans £12.00                    
Three cheeses, salad, coleslaw, pork pie, pickles, apple and crusty bread 


Chips £3.30 (with cheese £3.90)
Skinny fries £2.80
Seasonal veg £3.50
Side salad £3.50
Garlic bread £2.80
Onion rings £2.80
Coleslaw £2.00

If you have any allergies, please notify a member of staff


For the little ones

Main course £5.50
Two courses £7.50

Battered chicken goujons
Skinny fries and peas or beans

Breaded fish fingers
kinny fries and peas or beans

Two sausages
Served with mashed potato or fries, peas and gravy

Ham, egg and chips
Choose from peas or beans


Lasagna al forgo

With garlic bread
(V) Pasta in tomato sauce

With garlic bread


Two scoops of ice cream
Choose from vanilla, strawberry or chocolate flavour ice cream
and strawberry or chocolate sauce

Lunchtime sandwiches

(V) Cheese and pickle £6.50

Ham salad £6.50

Tuna mayonnaise £7.00

Bacon and brie £7.50

All served with crisps and a salad garnish

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